Special Enduro

We have always taken bold steps with our Enduro tours by leading and not following the competition and this one proves exactly that. Our goals were simple though the reality was much harder to achieve however, after 2 years of scouting northern Thailand and planning we are extremely proud to offer you the Ultimate Enduro Tour...


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Basic Overview

This is an 11 day 10 night package with 9 days on the tour however, riding trails like these for 9 days has always proved just too much, so part way around the route we have thrown in a spot of luxury for a day relaxing by the pool with ice cold beers and a full Thai body massage thrown in to the bargain. Sound Good?

This is a complex motorbike tour covering a vast area of Thailand taking you to the absolute best trails and extremely remote, pushing your biking skills and your stamina to the max.  This is definitely not a tourist bikers holiday it's pure Enduro, it will be tough at times and even our support riders are pushed to the outer limits.  (If that statement makes you excited about this tour already it's you we are aiming it at)...If you're looking for a great adventure try our Ultimate Enduro but for extreme adventure this is the tour for you...

Sadly, it's just not possible for us to run this tour as regularly as our other tours so we operate it once only per season and we need a minimum of 6 riders for it to operate and being a complex tour with tough logistics we need a large support crew so bookings must be made at least 12 months in advance. Please, only book this if you are a 'happy go lucky' person and able to ride as a team.


Ultimate Enduro Tour Highlights

  • Most technical trails available in Thailand
  • Deep jungles out of bounds to 4x4's.
  • Camping on the peak of a splendid mountain top.
  • Ride the absolute edge of the Thai Border
  • One route only accessible by a boat trip
  • Day off in Mae Hong Son City with Authentic Thai Massage
  • 1500 clicks covering the best bits of remote North West Thailand
  • Excellent Thai food everyday and BBQ under the stars.


Rider: $2790 - Non Rider in our support truck £1390.00


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Quick Faq's

Best time to ride... October through March!
For mud plugging action... Come in June & July!
Never in August & September... Too dangerous-heavy monsoons!
Choice of bikes... Kawasaki KLX 250s or Honda CRF 250L
Great Accommodation...Mountain Lodges & Small resorts!
Jungle Trails...
Fantastic Routes to challenge you!
Simple booking process.. Online with only a 20% booking deposit!


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Our Enduro Tours

Our Classic and Ultimate Enduro tours are in the bracket of High adventure and only suitable for riders with good off road experience. Both tours involve deep jungle riding and single track trails at time so all riders must be able to work as a team and assist all members in the group if required. 

Our Rookie and Northern Enduro tours are still high adventure but the routes are more tailored to the less experienced rider however, we judge the difficulty of the routes day by day so able to make them a little more 'Adventurous' if the group are up for it!